Sergio Macián

Born and raised in Córdoba, (Spain).

He grew up in a family of musicians, with over 25 different instruments of all four groups, (Brass, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds) some of them a hundred years old. His grandfather was and orchestra conductor, with over a hundred master pieces that are still performed by bands and orchestras. He used to join his father and the band at the bullfighting arenas. Soon his passion for music and art started at the age of 11, in the form of flamenco and classical guitar, and high school plays. He continued his formation at the age of 16, in local music schools in Alcora (Castellón de la Plana) where his family was originally from. Many bands, shows and tours after he moved to Los Angeles (California) in his 20's. Here he played all the mayor clubs over at Sunset Strip Blvd, and continued his theater formation in two schools simultaneously.

Those are: Christian's Rodrigo Studio (Theater focused on Improvisation, vocal technique, scene study) and Ruskin School of Acting (Meisner Technique).